Friday, February 4, 2011

Snazaroo Rainbow Face Paint - Regular (18 ml) -

nazaroo face painting has been around since 1989, and since then, they've been getting better at producing top-quality materials on a constant basis. The UK-based company really loves what it does, too: as it claims, its ethos is 'all about color, fun, inspiration and the finest face painting products'. All Snazaroo materials also hold a 'child toy' safety rating and can easily be wiped off with soap and water or wet wipes - making them perfect for use with kids.

Product ID : F1794

Price : $20.00

Hand-cut, 18 ml Rainbow Cakes by Snazaroo. Daub a slightly wet sponge on the rainbow cake and wipe on skin - insto-rainbow. A great and pleasing effect.

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