Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Three 1-Balloon Creations: Clown Supplies

“Hey clown! What can you make besides a dog?”

Have you ever heard those words and just cringe? Although the multi-balloon creations can really be a hit with the crowd, it’s not always practical twisting them at a gig. But never fear; there are an abundance of fun and impressive single balloon creations to be made. Don’t forget, balloons are toys to be played with or worn as a fashion accessory. So grab your bag of 260’s and let’s get to work.

The Flying Mouse:

This clown balloon is fun and simple to make which also gives the kids something to play with.

Flying Mouse Step 1 - Partially inflate a 260 Balloon Step 1.
Inflate the 260 about 5 inches and tie, leaving a long tail.
Flying Mouse Step 2 - Twist 3 one inch bubbles

Step 2a.
Twist three one-inch bubbles,

Flying Mouse Step 3 - Roll Twist the head and ears Step 2b.
Lock twist the last two bubbles, creating the ears (the first bubble is the head).
Flying Mouse Step 3 - Roll twist Step 3.
I like to use the roll through twist, which secures the head and ears from coming undone. This is accomplished by rolling the head bubble between the two ear bubbles.
Flying Mouse Step 4 Step 4.
With your magic marker, draw a face for your mouse and it’s ready for flight.
Flying Mouse Step 5 - Taking Flight Taking flight: I have the kids make the OK sign with their hand, and then hold their hand level to the floor. Now slide the mouse’s tail through the hole, pull back on the tail and release to make your mouse fly.

Turtle Bracelet:

Although we are using the obvious green balloon for the turtle in our tutorial, many girls have asked for their turtle to be of a different color, so that they can be, well…. girls.

Editor's note: Well, we want what we want!

Turtle Step 1 - Twist fie 1-inch bubbles Step 1.
Inflate your 260 about 6 inches and tie, leaving a long tail.

Step 2.
Twist five 1-inch bubbles.
Turtle Step 2 - Lock twist the 2nd and 5th bubbles Step 2a.
Lock twist the 2nd and 5th bubbles so you now have the head and feet of the turtle.
Turtle Step 3 - Tie off the body Step 3.
You want the body of the turtle to jut fit over the feet. If this bubble is too long, simply push the extra air down to the end of the balloon and release buy snipping the end.
Turtle Step 4a - Tie a knot Step 3a.
Now tie a knot at the end of your body, leaving the long tail.
Turtle Step 4 - Wrap the tail around the back bubble twist Step 4.
Drop the tail through the legs and wrap it up and over the joint of the back bubbles.
Turtle Step 5 - Pinch twist the head bubble Step 5.
At this point I finish the head with a pinch twist. Pull the nozzle back to to the feet and do your twist.
Turtle Step 5a - Wrap the tail, completing the bracelet Step 5a.
Now tie the end of the tail around the turtle’s neck completing the bracelet.
Turtle Step 6 - Draw the face and shell markings Step 6.
With your marker, draw the face and spots on the shell to complete the turtle.

These same steps can be followed using a red balloon to make a ladybug, using smaller spots on the shell. You can also use the same design to make a small truck - just draw wheels on the outsides of the "feet" and a window on the front.

Animal hat:

This is quick to make yet a great crowd pleaser.
Balloon Animal Hat Step 1 - Inflate leaving a 2 inch tail Step 1.
Inflate a 260 leaving about a 2-inch tail and tie.
Balloon Animal Hat Step 2 - Make a 1 inch bubble at the nozzle end Step 2.
Make a 1-inch bubble while instructing your patron to step close so you can measure their hat size (this is important to insure a proper fit).
Balloon Animal Hat Step 2a - Lock twist to make a loop Step 2a.
Wrap the balloon around their head, where the segment of the bubble meets the remainder of the balloon is where you make the lock twist.
Note: I like to call out a at size for fun, “Ah, 6 and 7/8, just what I thought.” This usually gets a laugh!
Balloon Animal Hat Step 3 - Twist the ears and nose Step 3.
About 3 or 4 inches from the end of the balloon make two-1 inch bubbles and lock twist. This creates the ears and nose of an animal.
Balloon Animal Hat Step 4 - Draw a face Step 4.
Draw a face on the animal head to complete your hat.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rainbow Eyelashes w/ Black: Rainbow Cakes

Sale Price : $3.65

Rainbow Eyelashes w/ Gold

Price : $3.65
Product ID : K1503
Fun glue-on lashes in assorted colors.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Silly Halloween Costume Ideas

That time of year is once again upon us when people pretend to be something or someone else; no I’m not talking about election season, but Halloween of course. For the kids and those of us who are still kids at heart we get to be a Super Hero, princess or a maybe a ghoul for the night. Before heading out to shop for a new costume, we have some fun costume ideas with items you may already have around the house or from Halloween costumes of days gone by.

Witch Hazel CostumeWitch Hazel

Now this is a fun simple costume for those who may not want to get the out the make up kit. For this costume we found a red satin top, a witch's hat and black cape along with dark pants. Accessories are; one nametag that reads, Hello my name is: Hazel, and a cool looking stick for magic wand. The gag of course is that you are Witch Hazel.

Note: If you don’t have one of the nametags, create one on your computer printed on regular paper and use double side tape to adhere it.

The Nutty Professor:Nutty Professor Costume

Obtain a white lab coat, slacks, a dress shirt and Nerd Glasses (the kind that look like coke bottle lenses if possible) for the ensemble. You will also need black make up, hair spray and baby powder.

Put on your outfit, muss up your hair and use hair spray to keep the look or use a wig and do the same. Apply the black make up in smudges to make it look as if you had a bit of a mishap in the lab. With your baby powder bottle, puff some powder over your face, neck and shirt adding to the lab explosion effect. You have a Nutty Looking Professor in just minutes.

I added a single flower vase filled with juice to use as a beaker to enhance my ensemble.

Cat Burglar CostumeThe Cat Burglar:

Dress in all black including a black cap and burglar mask. You also need a pillowcase and some stuffed toy cats. Fill bottom of pillowcase with a small pillow or other soft items to make it look full, at the opening, have the toy cats in the bag with the tails hanging out. Have one more stuffed cat under your arm to really sell the gag.

Disclaimer: No actual cats were harmed during the making of this article, nor does Clown Antics promote the pilfering of cats, real or stuffed. Thank you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Silly Farm Rainbow Cake - FireFly (2 oz): Rainbow Cakes Face Paint

Sale Price : $20.00

Silly Farm Rainbow Cake - FireFly (2 oz)

Price : $20.00
Product ID : F10416
Rainbow Cakes for face painting are perfect for one stroke colorful and startling effects. Rainbow cakes are multi-colored containers of paint: strips of color that are side by side, making a "rainbow." A stroke from a rainbow face paint cake allows you to lay down several colors at once. Rainbow cakes are excellent for base work for any design.

Picking up the colors from a Rainbow cakes is best done with a half sponge or a body brush. Face Paint Stencils also work well with Rainbow cakes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wolfe FX Kits - Wolfman (4 colors): Halloween Makeup Kits

Sale Price : $3.00

Wolfe FX Kits - Wolfman (4 colors)

Price : $3.00
Product ID : F10510
From Wolfe, the leader in Face Paints, comes a Wolfman Face Painting Kit that is easy-to-use. It comes with color photos to show you the way. What better way to make perfect and easy Wolfman face painting designs? Wolfe paint is the high-in-demand face paint that goes on smoothly and evenly and does not smear or crack once it is on the skin.

Wolfe makeup is water based face painting makeup and is safe and non-toxic. Wolfe face paint makeup is less likely to smear or rub off, is comfortable to wear, and cleans up easily with soap and water; this makes is markedly different from Grease Paint.

The Wolfe Wolfman Face Painting Kit contains one brown cake, three face paint sticks (red, black, white) and one applicator sponge. The detailed step-by-step instruction booklet has color photos so that even the novice can see their way through this Wolfman Face Painting kit.

The Wolfe Wolfman Face Painting Kit is perfect for playtime with kids or for parties and Halloween.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mehron Stage Blood (4.5 oz): Halloween Makeup

Sale Price : $6.00

Mehron Stage Blood (4.5 oz)

Price : $6.00
Product ID : m63011
Mehron Stage Blood is a realistic, viscous, nearly opaque special effects blood that is completely non-toxic and washes off skin easily with soap and water. and so safe it's even edible, so it can safely be used around the mouth area. Mehron Special Effects Blood is a syrup based blood that will not dry, making it ideal for blood capsules and mouth application. 4.5 ounces.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snazaroo Face Painting Stamp Kits: Kids Face Painting Kits

Sale Price : $7.00

Snazaroo Face Painting Stamp Kits - Easter (3 colors)

Price : $7.00
Product ID : F18310
Snazaroo Easter Stamp Kit is a terrific set for spring and Easter face painting. The Easter Stamp set includes three Snazaroo 2 ml colors and 3 Snazaroo Stamps. Snazaroo EVA Stamps are about 1 inch thick and 1.5 to 2 inches tall, the perfect size for face painting on children.

Snazaroo paints apply smoothly, can be easily blended and will dry in about 30 seconds to a streak-free, durable finish. Snazaroo face paints are hypoallergenic and the world's safest face paints, meeting US FDA, Canadian, and European standards for cosmetic safety and the only face paint with a Child Toy Safety Rating. Snazaroo EVA Face Paint Stamps are made of durable foam for easy cleaning and multiple reuse.

Snazaroo Easter Stamp Kit includes three 2 ml Snazaroo paints in pale yellow, pale pink and pale blue, and 3 Snazaroo EVA stamps: Bunny, Egg and Chick.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wolfe FX Kits - Character (10 Colors): Kids Face Painting Kits

Sale Price : $6.00

Wolfe FX Kits - Character (10 Colors)

Price : $6.00
Product ID : F10520
Kids Face Painting Kit from Wolfe is an easy-to-use face painting makeup kit. You can paint a variety of simple kid-friendly designs like dog, cat and fish. The Kit comes with full color photographs and a step-by-step instruction book. This is a kit for the beginner face painter and novices who want to learn. It is also perfect for kids to play with and paint designs on each other. Wolfe paint is the high-in-demand face paint that goes on smoothly and evenly and does not smear or crack once it is on the skin.

Wolfe makeup water based, making it easy to apply and take off--just use soap and water. It is also safe and non-toxic which makes it perfect for kids. Wolfe face paint makeup is less likely to smear or rub off and is comfortable to wear; this makes it markedly different from typical Grease Paint.

The Wolfe Pearlescent Kids Face Painting Kit contains four face paint cakes: blue, red, white, green and six face paint sticks: white, blue, yellow, red, green, and black; one applicator sponge and a detailed step by step instruction booklet with color photos.

The Wolfe Kids Face Painting Kit is perfect for play dates, play time, parties or Halloween.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Makeup Kits (Products) with 10% off

10% off Of Halloween Products

Clown Makeup Kit Essentials:

These are some basic supplies nearly every clown should have in their makeup kit.

  •     Headband, cap or hair gel - to get your hair completely and smoothly under your wig
  •     Foundation grease paint and liner colors
  •     Baby powder and a powder sock or powder puff
  •     Powder brush - for removing excess powder
  •     Free standing mirror, preferably one you can angle as needed
  •     Makeup brushes and sponges - fine brushes for outlining, medium flat brush for filling in, latex  wedge sponges
  •     for grease makeup application, stipple sponge for beard effects on tramps
  •     Cotton swabs - for cleaning mistakes
  •     Astringent - for cleaning your skin before and after
  •     Tissues and paper towels
  •     Adhesive - for nose, eyelashes or glitter)
  •     Makeup remover, adhesive remover
  •     Washcloth and towel
  •     Makeup case such as a cosmetic case, tackle box, plastic box or a sturdy shoe box

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Graftobian Magic Blood Powder Shaker (0.04 oz)

Sale Price : $9.00 

Graftobian Magic Blood Powder Shaker (0.04 oz)

Price : $9.00
Product ID : M18516
Graftobian Magic Blood Powder is a water activated powder that is invisible when applied, but the fake blood appears when wetted. A few tablespoons to a gallon of water will create a very economical FX blood. You can create truly gory scrapes, accidents or drag a wet knife across skin powdered with Graftobian Magic Blood Powder for a bloody knife wound effect.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Woochie Everlasting Kiss FX Kits: Halloween Makeup Kits

Sale Price : $10.00 

Woochie Everlasting Kiss FX Kits

Price : $10.00
Product ID : K20107
Woochie EZ-FX-Kit Everlasting Kiss realistically and gruesomely transforms the wearer into a vampires meal. The Woochie Everlasting Kiss kit comes with a vampire bite marks latex prosthetic piece, .08 ounce of spirit gum and a blood capsule. These vampire bite marks are very easy to apply and will surely be the hit of any undead party. With proper care, the Everlasting Kiss can be used again and again. Please use with children 8 years and older.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bunny Teeth -

Sale Price : $15.00

Bunny Teeth

Price : $1.50
Product ID : N1050
Flat plastic bunny teeth, just for the fun of looking like a bunny. Can also be used as groundhog teeth on February 2nd, or just about any large-toothed animal.