Monday, December 31, 2012

Striped Socks - Blue/White: Clown Supplies

Sale Price : $8.50

Striped Socks - Blue/White

Price : $8.50
Product ID : A51206
Striped tube socks in two colors with stripes all the way to the toe and a top comfort welt. Knee-hi socks feature a woven cushioned foot and are composed of 86% acrylic, 8% nylon and 6% elastic. Striped socks fit most adults.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Yellow Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8"): Clown Supplies

Yellow Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8"): Clown Supplies

 Sale Price : $0.80

Yellow Foam Clown Noses (1 5/8")

Price : $0.80
Product ID : K3215
We proudly stock 1 5/8 inch Yellow Foam Clown Noses from Magic by Gosh. Each non-latex foam clown nose comes split and ready to be hollowed out for a comfortable fit.

Foam Noses may not stay on for an active clown supplies show, but they make great handouts for group photos or just fun. You can also adhere sponge noses with light adhesives, such as spirit gum, liquid latex, or double stick tape. See our complete line of Adhesives and Removers, too!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Illusion Ring Magic Trick:

Illusion Ring Magic Trick: Clown Supplies

Sale Price : $6.00

Illusion Ring Magic Trick

Price : $6.00
Beautifully crafted ring is cleverly designed to appear to expand and then shrink as you or your spectator turn it in your hand. There's absolutely no trick to it - when the ring is turned one direction, it appears to be expanding when turned the other way, it seems to shrink. Great for hypnotic magic, shrinking or growing magic, or for Santa Claus (how DOES he fit down chimneys? His magic ring!) Available in one size (approximately a size 8) and in assorted colors. Just wear it or keep it in your pocket ready to use for instant amazement

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clown Supplies: Ben Nye Face Paints - Stormy Blue

Ben Nye Face Paints - Stormy Blue

Sale Price : $8.80

Original Price : $11.00
Sale Price : $8.80
You Save : $2.20

Ben Nye MagiCakes Aqua Face paint is a cake makeup that is ideal for face painting events and for creating designs. It can be applied either dry or wet. When it is activated by water, it blooms to an intense, highly pigmented color and dries quickly to a flake resistant finish that lasts. Apply it dry over a face paint design for translucent highlights.

The wide variety of hues and bright colors of Magi Cake Makeup allow you to create face painting supplies designs with exquisite detail. This is a great face paint for large face painting events such as holidays, school events and parties.

Ben Nye Magi Cakes come in a 26 gram/0.9 ounce container.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Clown Supplies: Santa On A Stick

Clown Supplies: Santa On A Stick

Sale Price : $1.95

Santa On A Stick

Price : $1.95
Product ID : N12874
Great fun for the holidays. Simply hold the Santa-On-A Stick up to your face and instantly you'll turn into Jolly Old St. Nick. It may not fool Mrs. Claus or the reindeer, but it's sure to get lots of laughs. Beautifully printed, heavy card on a wooden stick.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mrs. Santa Wigs from

Sale Price : $18.75

Original Price : $25.00
Sale Price : $18.75
You Save : $6.25
Product ID : W1720

Lovely upswept wig with layers. Available in white only. By Alicia. Try wearing with our Wire Framed Glasses (see below)! Note: This wig is nice out of the package, but would benefit from professional styling.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Use a Confetti Bucket

The Confetti Bucket is a true classic in the world of clown performances. Not only is this a favorite of the Big Top Circus crowd but of audiences everywhere. This type of gag is so cool even the Harlem Globe Trotters do a version of the Confetti Bucket routine.

The basic routine

The performers are on stage making use of water in a bucket; perhaps they are doing a “Wash Day” routine. While washing their clothes in a bucket of water, the clowns begin flicking water at one another and smacking each other with wet clothes, invoking a water fight.

Finally, one performer walks over to the other, pouring a bucket of water over their opponent’s head, bringing the feud to a climax. Now soaked, the clown grabs their bucket and begins to chase the other around stage.

The set up: Exhausted, the clown being chased stops center stage with their back to the audience while the other clown lines up to let them have it with the water in the bucket.

The blow off: As the clown tosses the bucket of water, our second clown ducks, thus allowing the audience to receive the wave of confetti. The audience knows what's coming and screams turn to laughs when the bucket throws confetti instead of water all over them.

How it works

The Confetti Bucket is designed in a way that the water can be poured in, but when held correctly, the water is diverted into a reservoir when one goes to toss the water out. The confetti is in a small shelf below the top edge of the bucket so it will fly out when tossed.

This prop is very easy to do and works well in most any setting. There are even Mini Confetti Buckets available for smaller venues.

Important notes

  • When performing a routine where the performers will be throwing water and confetti around, make sure you clear it with the people in charge of the show first. Not very venue is suitable to have water thrown around on stage. Placing tarps on the floor of the performances area is highly recommended to make clean up easier.

  • To get the full effect of the confetti bucket, the audience must see that there is water inside. Water can be poured into the bucket in full view of the audience.

  • If you are using paper confetti in your bucket, take care that you do not soak it during the performance as it will clump up and not fly well. You may choose to use plastic or Mylar confetti, or you can secure a piece of plastic wrap over top of the confetti reservoir, making sure to remove before tossing out the confetti.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jim Howle Clown Noses - Style BB 2 (1 1/2" wide)

Sale Price : $16.00

Jim Howle Clown Noses - Style BB 2 (1 1/2" wide)

Price : $16.00
Product ID : K31562
Jim Howle's acrylic-latex compound noses. BABA 2 noses made of an acrylic-coated latex core, with gloss red coating. Approximately 1 1/2 inches wide. 

Each Jim Howle Professional Clown Noses is hand-made, so noses of the same size can vary somewhat, and there may even be bits of glitter or minor imperfections on some noses. Also, noses may have traces of Nose Putty on the inside, because Jim uses a little bit of Putty to secure the nose while painting them. This is normal!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rudy Reindeer Magic Trick:

Sale Price : $20.00

Rudy Reindeer Magic Trick

Price : $20.00
Product ID : G15022
A fun-tastic Christmas routine with Rudy the Flying Reindeer!

"He vanishes!"

"He flies invisibly through the air!"

"He goes down chimneys and through doors by magic!"

The performer shows a colorful cardboard plaque of Rudy Reindeer. Rudy couldn't fly like all of the other reindeer, so Santa gave him a magic cape -- and a special job. Rudy flies from house to house scouting out which houses have chimneys and which ones have doors, so Santa will know ahead of time where he needs to use his magic key.