Friday, March 29, 2013

Clown Supplies: Question Regarding Clown Costume Accessories

Clown Supplies: Question Regarding Clown Costume Accessories:

1.    Are your gloves thin enough for twisting balloons or face painting or would you recommend the fingerless?

Ans.    You will probably be best off with the fingerless gloves, full-fingered gloves could work, if you get a good fit and are quite practiced with balloon twisting. Our white cotton gloves are available in various sizes: To get the proper glove fit, measure the hand from the base of palm to fingertips. 5" = Ex-Small (can be used as a larger child's gloves), 6" = Small, 7" = Medium, 8" = Large, 9" = Ex-Large.

2.    Do you have little puff balls to put on clown shoes?

Ans.    Do you mean pom poms. I'm afraid that we don't carry them, but you can find them at any craft store.

3.    What size are your clown shoes?

Ans.    The clown shoes do not come in sizes, they are one size fits all - they are hollow inside.Simply click on the shoes to read the description, which will tell you the length of the shoe and approximate range of sizes it will fit.

4.    Are the Ragdoll Sock, Adult - Red/White thick socks or see through like tights?

Ans.    These are most definitely not see through.  They are like socks, not tights.

5.    I saw your 50 gallon hat on eBay but was unsure of the size of the hat.  How big is it?

Ans.    Our 50 Gallon Foam Cowboy Hats are 1/2" thick foam and measure 28" from front to back. They fit kids or adults.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Company Picnic Handbook - DeChant: Picnic Game Books

Sale Price : $6.40

Company Picnic Handbook - DeChant

Original Price : $8.00
Sale Price : $6.40
You Save : $1.60

Performing at company picnics is unlike most other types of performing. This inclusive guide covers booking picnics, what to offer, what to ask, a client contact sheet and a large collection of picnic games.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ghost Crew Socks - Women's: Clown Socks

Sale Price : $5.00

Ghost Crew Socks - Women's
Original Price : $7.50
Sale Price : $5.00
You Save : $2.50

Neon Orange cotton/nylon blend crew socks with a woven white and black ghost on the calf with a black heel and toe. 80% acrylic, 18% nylon and 2% elastic for durability and fade-resistant color. Adult small, sock size 9-11.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Magic Traffic Light Magic Trick

Sale Price : $2.50

Magic Traffic Light Magic Trick

Price : $2.50
Product ID : G1320
Two black plastic cards are shown to your audience, one card has three colored dots on it (red, yellow and green like a traffic light), and the other card is blank. The card with the dots is placed face-down on the spectator's hand and the blank card is placed on the spectator's other hand. Ask the spectator what they do at a red light. Then ask them what they do at a yellow light. When they say "go" at the green light that's exactly what happens! The green dot goes from the traffic light card to the blank card! When they turn over the card they have been holding it now has the green circle, and the green circle on your card is gone. The Incredible Traffic Light can even be used in safety themed programs. Easy to do! Instructions included.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Napkin Rose Magic Trick DVD w/ 12 Red/Green Napkins

Sale Price : $20.00

Napkin Rose Magic Trick DVD w/ 12 Red/Green Napkins

Price : $20.00
Product ID : V2030
The greatest give-away since the balloon animal! A wonderful alternative for hospital and hospice clowning. Magician Michael Mode will teach you how to easily twist a napkin into a beautiful realistic origami rose. In addition to the basic napkin rose twist, you will also learn several cool tips and tricks developed by Michael over the years and taught on this DVD for the very first time. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

11 Inch Round Polka Dot Balloons Assortment, 100/Pack

Sale Price : $32.70

11 Inch Round Polka Dot Balloons Assortment, 100/Pack

Price : $32.70
Product ID : L11270
Imprinted 11 inch round balloons. Use 'em alone as giveaways or to create unique balloon sculptures, including the Squishy Head" balloon by Russ.

Assortment may include: Orange, Lime Green, Wild Berry, Chocolate Brown and Robin's Egg Blue. 100 per bag.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wind-up Walking Bomb: April Fools Pranks

Sale Price : $2.75

Wind-up Walking Bomb

Price : $2.75
Product ID : N13762
Fun wind-up cartoon-style bomb is a cute gag item. Great for children of ALL ages! Approximately 2 inches tall.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mehron Paradise Detailz Face Paints - Pink (0.17 oz)

Sale Price : $6.00

Mehron Paradise Detailz Face Paints - Pink (0.17 oz)

Price : $6.00
Product ID : F127858
Mehron's Paradise Detailz liquid face paint is the product to use for fine lines and intricate details. It is concentrated liquid makeup in a little bottle and it comes with its own applicator, like fingernail polish.

Detailz is an accent to Paradise Makeup AQ--use it to make dots, spots, lines, swirls and so on, like a calligraphy pen, it has hundreds of applications. It also works well as an eyeliner. Like all of Paradise AQ face paints, Detailz is easy to apply and easy to remove. It is water based and comes off with soap and water.

Paradise Detailz comes in a 7ml (0.17) ounce size.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mice In Red Box Finger Puppets

Sale Price : $14.00

Mice In Red Box Finger Puppets

Price : $14.00
Product ID : N80050
A present! What is it? Jewelry? Chocolate? Surprise! Animated from below, three plush white mice pop from this colorful package when you lift the lid, so there's no need for cheese; you'll be smiling already! 4" x 4" x 3". By Folkmanis.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Large Nylon Parachutes

Large Nylon Parachutes
Original Price : $186.00
Sale Price : $148.80
You Save : $37.20

Sturdy brightly colored nylon parachutes with storage bag are great for company picnic games. For indoor use or small events and for outdoor use or larger events. Check out the book, Parachutes Games for ideas!

Comes in:
24' Parachute (22 Handles, 75.5 Ft Circumference)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mehron Goathair Powder Brushes: Makeup Brushes & Tools

Sale Price : $20.58

Price : $20.58
Product ID : K1160
Pure, soft goat hair with wooden handle, great for setting or brushing away excess your powder. Wash in biodegradable soap.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Foam Letters - Clean X's: Clown Props

Price : $10.00
Product ID : N50262
Another great giveaway item. Tell someone it looks like they need a tissue and dig through your pockets to find one. Pull out the duster and an X, then "clean" the foam letter and hand out a Clean-X! Approx. 2 inches tall, 72 per bag, assorted colors. Sold with or without mini-duster.