Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mehron Celebre Pro Theatrical Makeup Kits - Fair Complexion CPK-C

Mehron's Celebre Professional Makeup Kit has everything a makeup artist needs for use on stage or in film, video or photography. Mehron Celebre Cream Makeup is a highly pigmented, silky, matte cream make up that glides on easily with full coverage while being gentle to skin and free of fragrance, oils, beeswax and isopropyl myristate. 

Each Celebre Pro Theatrical Makeup Kit includes: step-by-step instructions, seven full size Celebre Makeup bases (Alabaster 1B, Soft Peach 22A, Natural Beige Blush 26A, Fair Female 5B, Medium Male 6.5B, Mid-Light OS4, Contour I 37) (7 gm/color), Black and Brown Pencil Liners, Colorset Powder (0.25 oz), 2 CHEEK Powders (0.12 oz), E.Y.E Creams (0.3 oz), L.I.P Cream (0.3 oz), Hair White, Stage Blood (0.5 oz), Spirit Gum (0.25 oz), Spirit Gum Remover (0.25 oz), 2 Cosmetic Brushes, 2 Non-Latex Triangular Foam Wedge, Powder Puff and much more.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Super Size 50 Gallon Cowboy Hats

Giant 50 gallon foam cowboy hat available in bright colors with contrasting colored star and band. Made of 1/2" thick foam, it measures 28" from front to back and can fit kids or adults. This big cowboy hat is perfect for cowboy stage props or a giant cowboy costume for a rodeo near you! Try wearing with our silver colored plastic Jumbo Sheriff's Badge and wielding Bang Guns or a giant pistol (see below)!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ben Nye Clown Makeup Kits - Deluxe Whiteface DK-1

Ben Nye Clown Makeup Kits - Deluxe Whiteface DK-1
Ben Nye Deluxe White Face Kit includes: 1 oz. Pro Series Clown White Lite, 0.5 oz. Clown Palette (Black/Blue/Red/Yellow), Black and White Eyeliner Pencils, 2 Latex Wedge Sponges, 3/8" Flat Brush, 3" Satin-top Powder Puff, 0.4 oz. Neutral Set Powder, 1 oz. Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover. Everything you need! Great for traveling.

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